Music by Alexandia 
Lyrics by Nina Berisavac, Alexandia, 
Tikas, Ivana Djurovic 

Arrangement by Tikas 

Vocal: Alexandia 
Back vocals: Alexandia, Tikas 
Guitars: Dian 
Keys: Tikas 
Trumpet: Nikola Mijajlovic 
Sax: Djordje Kujundzic 
Cello: Fedora Palladino
Drums: Petar Bogosavljevic  

Album Art/Lyric Video by Tikark Videos 

Recorded by Tikas, Laki 
Mix/Mastering by Laki 
Produced by Tikas


Music by Alexandia 
Lyrics by Nina Berisavac, Alexandia  
Arrangement by Tikas 

Vocal: Alexandia 
Back vocals: Alexandia  
Slide Guitar: Inke
Acoustic Guitar: Vlada Grubic
Harmonica: Inke 
Piano: Tikas 
Strings: Jovana Smolovic
Drums: Branko Popovic  

Photography by Tijana Dabic
Lyric Video by Tikark Videos 

Recorded by Tikas 
Mix/mastering by Laki 
Produced by Tikas


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Music by Alexandia  
Lyrics by Nina Berisavac, Alexandia, Tikas   
Arrangement by Tikas  

Vocal: Alexandia  
Back vocals: Alexandia, Ivana Grubic   
Acoustic Guitar: Vlada Grubic
Electric Guitar: Boki Grubic   
Keys: Tikas  
Drums: Branko Popovic    

Mix/Mastering: Tikark Audios   

Photo/Video by Tikark Videos

Recorded by Tikas
Produced by Tikas

Alexandia is a singer/songwriter born in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Her debut album "TOGETHER" is an initiation into Indie Pop-Rock music. 

She released her first single "Today Is Our Day" a catchy, straightforward tune, 
full of spontaneous emotions, vividness, and fun, in October 2019. 

A love ballad "One Simple Day In My Bed" is released on March 10, 2020! 
Her first official video for the acoustic version of "One Simple Day In My Bed" is out on Oct 30! 

Her 3rd single "Baby If You Come Back", an Indie-Rock love song, and the official video for it are released on April 16, 2021. 

At the same time she's working on another project called "BABEL REVERSED", which will include songs in different languages. 
The first song "Elle Rêvait" in French language is a collaboration with a Belgian lyricist,
in a Pop-Jazz manner. It's out on Nov 27, 2020!  

Official website: